Remote Desktop Control

iControlBox Remote allows you to control computers remotely using your iPhone/iPad

Presentation Remote

An ideal tool for Businesspersons, Professionals and Academicians to control Powerpoint or Keynote presentations using iPhone or iPod touch


Mac OS X (10.7 or Later)
Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Windows 8 Pro

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  • Control Microsoft Powerpoint Or Apple Keynote Presentations
  • Remotely Control computers using your iPhone/iPad
  • Use your iPhone as a Remote Keyboard
  • Use your iPhone as a full fledge TrackPad
  • Use your iPhone as a Remote Mouse
  • Launch, Manage, Control and Close any Application on your computer via iPhone/iPad
  • Take a Screenshot of the Remote Computer Screen and Share
  • Rotate your iPhone to Landscape and view Remote Desktop in Full Screen Mode
  • All computers running iControlBox Server on your network are discovered automatically
  • The only Remote Control Software of its kind that even works via Bluetooth connection when iPhone is connected with the computer via Bluetooth tethering


  • Download iControlBox Remote App on your iPhone or iPod touch
  • Download iControlBox Server on your Mac or Windows computer
  • Unzip and Install iControlBox SERVER on your computer.ALLOW INCOMING CONNECTIONS if prompted
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi Network as your computer OR connect your iPhone/iPod with the computer using Ad-hoc WiFi/Bluetooth tetherting
  • Launch iControlBox Server on your computer
  • Launch iControlBox app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Select the computer from Available Computer List
  • Type 1234 as Password and press Connect