Following are some of the common questions asked by the users. If you have a different question, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I change the default password?

The default password is 1234. It is strongly recommended to change this password. To change the password, follow these steps
i) Launch iControlBox Server on your computer
ii) Press CONFIG button
iii)Type 1234 as password to unlock configuration window
iv) Type new password and note it down somewhere on your iPhone e.g using Notes application
v) Press Save button
vi) Press EXIT button to exit iControlBox
vii)Launch iControlBox Server again (Now the clients would only be able to connect using the new password, Configuration window will also be unlocked using the new password)

How can I use iControlBox over Bluetooth?

This feature is supported only when iPhone connects with Mac via Bluetooth tethering. Bluetooth tethering converts your iPhone into a Personal Hotspot for your Mac OS X based computer. There are four main steps to connect via Bluetooth.These steps assume that you have upgraded your iPhone with iOS 7 and above.
Step 1: Pair your iPhone with your Mac (if it is paired already, you can skip to step 2
i) Touch Settings icon on your iPhone and select Bluetooth option to turn on Bluetooth
ii) Select the Bluetooth symbol on Menu Bar of your Mac OS X computer and select Turn Bluetooth On
iii) Select the Bluetooth symbol on Menu Bar of your Mac OS X computer and select Set Up Bluetooth Device
iv) When the Bluetooth Setup Assistant appears,wait until your iPhone appears in the list of discovered devices. if it does not show in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, try turning off and then turning back on Bluetooth from iPhone Settings->Bluetooth option. Keep iPhone in Bluetooth Settings screen.
v)Select your iPhone in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant on Mac and Press Continue button
vi)Press Pair button on iPhone
vii)Press Quit button on Mac Bluetooth Setup Assistant window
viii) Done (Your iPhone is now paired with your Mac)

Step 2: Turn on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone
This step requires that you have Cellular data plan with your mobile service provider. if it is not configured please contact your service provider. Please note that mobile service providers may charge users for Cellular Data Plan.

i) Touch Settings icon on your iPhone and select Mobile setting and turn on Mobile Data and Enable 3G
ii) If the Cellular Data is enabled, select Settings->Personal Hotspot and turn on Personal Hotspot button

Step 3: Connect Mac with iPhone
Select the Bluetooth symbol on Menu Bar of your Mac OS X computer and select your iPhone and then Connect to Network

Step 4: Launch iControlBox Server on your Mac

Step 5: Launch iControlBox App on your iPhone and Connect with the Server

What if I forget the Password?

Your encrypted password is saved in a file named that resides in a folder called iControlBox. This folder is created in your home directory.
To reset the software to 1234, delete and restart iControlBox.
To ensure that no one else can remove this file, it is a good idea to make this file Read Only as Administrator or root user after modifying the password.